California Poppy Red

Waves of orange flowers on the sides of roadways in the west are a familiar sight of the California poppy. This variety is red in color, a striking contrast to the grayish green foliage. No garden should be without some type of California poppy, we all have areas that could use a self seeding plant year after year

Common Name:California Poppy Red
Latin Name:Eschscholiaia californica
Type:Perennial, grown as an annual in colder zones
Sun Light:Full is best for strongest growth
Average Germination:7-14 days
Zones:All, Will readily reseed
Bloom size: 2"
Colors: Red
Bloom time: Early spring thru summer
Soil: Not real picky, will grow in anything
Sow:No more than 1/8" deep as the seeds are very small. Keep soil moist and use a slug bait to prevent your seedlings from being eaten in one night
Fertilizer: No fertilizers needed
When to plant: You can broad cast California poppy seeds any time of year
Coverage:1 oz covers 500 sq feet
Propagation: Seed direct sowing, next to impossible to transplant
Description: A true heirloom grown since the 1800's the California poppy will produce waves of flowers if left to reseed. On the sides of roadways you will see oceans of the orange varieties, the newer colors are starting to make their way in to roadsides and home landscapes as well. The perfect flowering plant for those who do not have much time to garden, but still enjoy some color in their yard, landscape or property.

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