Morning Glory
Heavenly blue

The most popular of the Morning glory world wide, gorgeous sky blue flowers with a yellow throat. Every morning you will be greeted with an abundance of blue flowers when the sun hits them they will wither only to have another batch open the next morning

Common Name:Heavenly Blue
Latin Name:Ipomoea tricolor
Type:Annual, very fast growing to 15'
Height:15' in temperate climates
Sun Light:Full sun to partial shade
Average Germination:3-9 days requires warm temperatures
Zones:All, Will readily reseed
Bloom size: up to 6"
Colors: Blue with white streaks
Bloom time: summer till frost
Soil: Medium fertility, too fertile soil or over feeding will cause large abundant leaves and fewer flowers
Sow:No more than 1/4" deep as the seeds are very small. Keep soil moist and use a slug bait to prevent your seedlings from being eaten in one night
Fertilizer: No fertilizers needed, fuller plants but fewer flowers will be attained with light fertilizer.
When to plant: After the weather warms up, Morning glory's need heat to do well. Can be started indoors for earlier flowers.
Coverage:1 oz covers 500 sq feet
Propagation: Seed. Readily grows from seed
Description: Not to be confused with the invasive bind weed, this morning glory is an annual and will not reproduce via runners or tuberous root. Will reseed, if you do not want them to grow the following year, cut the plants down before seeds set. Excellent for climbing fences, pots with a tall stake or stakes, can be grown in hanging pots but has a tendency to climb up them. Can be used as a ground cover too!

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