Four O'clock

Fragrant Heirloom flower

Common Name:Four O'clock
Latin Name:Mirabilis Jalapa
Type:Tuberous Annual, can be dug, stored and replated next year
Sun Light:Full is best, partial ok
Width:up to 24"
Average Germination:7-14 days
Zones:All, Will readily reseed if allowed
Bloom size: 2 1/2"
Colors: White, yellow, red, pink and striped or speckled colors
Bloom time: Mid till end of summer
Soil: Not real picky, will grow in average soils
Sow:No more than 1/4" deep Keep soil moist and use a slug bait to prevent your seedlings from being eaten in one night
Fertilizer: Any common long lasting fertlizer will do
When to plant:Spring for seeds and tubers
Coverage:1 oz covers about 500 sq feet
Propagation: Seed, you can start them indoors if so inclined but they are so strong you can direct sow with no troubles at all
Description: Highly fragrant flower open up around, you guessed it- 4 o'clock. Flowers will stay open longer the following day if it's a cloudy day. Amazing fragrance at night will fill the air every summer evening. Excellent for moon gardens. Solid colors and stripes or kaliedescope as some call it are just some of the most vibrant colors in a flower.

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