Blue Flax

Heirloom Flower

Grown for flowers, seed production, linen production and for it's oils. Flax is one of the most beneficial heirloom flowers in existence!

Common Name:Blue Flax
Latin Name:Linum usitatisimum
Sun Light:Full is best for strongest growth
Width:up to 48" Some species grow much taller for linen production.
Average Germination:7-28 days
Bloom size: 1" on tall stems
Colors:Light blue
Bloom time: Summer if planted in spring
Soil:Well drained amended with compost, better soil = better plants and flowers!
Sow:No more than 1/8" deep as the seeds are very small. Keep soil moist and use a slug bait to prevent your seedlings from being eaten in one night
Fertilizer: A four month fertilizer during planting will really improve growth. Fertilizing starting in spring after frost will bring on the very largest flowers
When to plant:Spring, this plant will not winter over
Coverage:1 oz 350sq feet
Propagation:By seed, can be started indoors and transplanted after all chance of frost has passed
Description: A beautiful flower easily grown by seed in beds, borders or naturalized in a meadow. The oils of the flax seed have been recognized as one of the most beneficial Omega-3 supplements for humans. The stems of the flax are used in linen production. What a versatile flower!

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