Cypress Vine

Heirloom Flower

Cypress Vine Ipomoea quamoclit Called the Winged Leav'd Ipomoea in the 1700's this heirloom has always been described in the most flattering ways by gardeners. The delicate leaves and the small red, pink or white flowers are just so irresistible to gardeners and humming birds. Not sure if you have hummingbirds where you live? Plant some of these and you will soon know

Common Name: Cypress Vine
Latin Name: Ipomoea quamoclit
Type: Grown as an annual in temperate climates
Height: 15'
Sun Light: Full is best for strongest growth
Width: 3'
Spacing: 2.5'
Average Germination: 7-14 days
Zones: 4-9
Colors: Red, pink and white
Bloom time: Mid to late summer, unitl first frost
Soil: Well drained amended with compost, better soil = better plants and flowers!
Sow: No more than 1/8" deep as the seeds are small and flat
Fertilizer: Light if any, Fertilization of Ipomoea species typically results in lush foliage but few flowers.
When to plant: Only after ground warms, can be started indoors.
Coverage: 1 oz covers 500 sq feet
Propagation: By seed
From the 1700's the Ipomoea Quamoclit will drive Humming birds bonkers. This annual seed will grow to 15' tall in just one year! It will cover a garden trellis in no time. With reds, pinks and some in-between flower colors, once you grow this heirloom seed you will not be able to live without it each year. Like many annual seeds this Ipomoea will self sow if allowed to grow seedpods and drop them. If you ever wondered if you have hummingbirds in your area, plant this heirloom seed and just wait. If you have hummingbirds the cypress vine will attract them and they will show up every year to the same spot looking for more.

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