Clarkia elegans

Clarkia is an overlooked quality flower grown very easily from seed. Vivid flower colors and stem colors makes this a great cut flower

Common Name:Clarkia
Latin Name:Clarkia elegans
Type:Grown as an Annual
Sun Light:Full to partial sun
Average Germination:7-21 days
Zones:All, usually grown in summer
Bloom size: 1.5"
Colors:White, pink or purple some colors in-between
Bloom time:spring till frost
Soil: Medium fertility, loose well drained soils
Sow:No more than 1/8" deep as the seeds are very small. Keep soil moist and use a slug bait to prevent your seedlings from being eaten in one night
Fertilizer: Fertilize with a balanced fertilizer weekly at 1/2 strength or every two weeks as directed.
When to plant: After all chance of frost has passed
Propagation: Seed. Readily grows from seed
Description: Requires well drained are best but will grow most anywhere, will attract butterflies to your garden. Borders, rock gardens, wild landscapes, the stems are amazing!

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