Bachelor Button

Bachelor buttons are a very fast growing annual, perfect for the children's garden due to the speed for which it will sprout and grow holding the interest of your young gardener. Many brightly colored flowers will seemingly sprout over night and continue through the first frost

Common Name:Bachelor Buttons Cornflower
Latin Name:Centaurea cyanus
Type:Annual, very fast growing
Height:18" for the shorter varieties of flowers, 48" for the tall types
Sun Light:Full sun to partial shade
Average Germination:3-9 days
Zones:All, Will readily reseed
Bloom size: 1.5"
Colors: Blue, red, pink, white, purple, and all colors in-between
Bloom time: Early spring thru summer
Soil: Not real picky, will grow in any soil
Sow:No more than 1/8" deep as the seeds are very small. Keep soil moist and use a slug bait to prevent your seedlings from being eaten in one night
Fertilizer: No fertilizers needed, fuller plants will be attained with light fertilizer.
When to plant: Early spring, spring, early summer, will all produce flowers.
Coverage:1 oz covers 500 sq feet
Propagation: Seed. The bachelor button grows so fast you really have no need to start them early, unless you are giving them as gifts
Description: One of the oldest heirloom seeds discovered in B.C. there are numerous colors and color combinations. Excellent for cut flowers, children's gardens, mass plantings, pots, front of borders, roadsides, you name it the bachelor buttons brightly colored flowers are perfect for any setting. Very fast growing there is no need to plant them early, simply sow them where you want them to grow and they will sprout as soon as 2-3 days in warm weather. Even though they bloom all summer long, I still plant them through out the spring and summer where bare patches remain. Children love to help plant in the garden, since the bachelor button grows so fast it will keep their attention as they can see daily growth and quick flowers!

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