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Please check back often as we are just getting started on revamping our site and adding pages of flower seed information. Our current project is to add a database of flowers, how they grow, pictures, etc. Everything you need to be a successful Flower growing green thumb! This site will be a work in progress as we will always be adding new content and articles. Bookmark us so you can come back and visit when you are looking for some garden reading.

Ipomoea Quamoclit Cypress vine 1700's heirloom flower seeds

From the 1700's the Ipomoea Quamoclit will drive Humming birds bonkers. Up to 15' tall in just one year! It will cover a trellis in no time. Reds, pinks and some in-between once you grow it you will not be able to live without it each year. Will self sow if allowed to seed. If you ever wondered if you have humming birds in your area, plant this heirloom seed and just wait. If you have them they will show up and once they do they will be back every year to the same spot looking for more.

Heirloom Seed
Heirloom flowers is our main focus, we will have other flower varieties listed but our main focus is heirlooms. There are so many that so many gardeners just have not come across, we want to make them more available to locate. Many of the flowers in our growing database are Heirlooms, we will be adding a new category just for heirloom flower growers soon! Tips, tricks and were to locate true heirlooms seeds.

Zinnia California Giant Zinnia Elegans Flower Seeds

Zinnia California Giant
If you have never grown them you are missing out. Amend your soil with compost to at least 12" deep. Add a slow release organic fertilizer, then plant. Huge flowers will adorn the tops of long stems. There is nothing like some monster zinnia near the front door of your house to strike up conversation about gardening!

Evening Scented stock Matthiola bicornis heirloom seeds since the 1500's
This little 2" flower is a true powerhouse in fragrance, possibly the strongest fragrance in your garden. Perfect for the Moon garden!

Drama Queen Poppy

In the world of seeds, names come from many different sources, by generation to generation or popularity. In my years of growing this poppy I never did find a common name. It is become known recently as the Drama Queen Poppy. Thank you Annie of Annie’s Annuals for finding the perfect name to a wonderfully beautiful flower.

Drama Queen Poppy

Zinnia Candy Cane flower seed will produce flowers like this every time, water and excellent soil will produce the best and largest flowers. Zinnia candy cane flower seeds are one of our favorites. Cut flowers or bedding plants, this zinnia is a hit. Heirloom seeds are a wonderful addition to any garden, cottage garden or heirloom garden

This variety is not always easy to find. The Candy stripe of the flowers is quite interesting. Double to fully double flowers in color mixes of Red, yellow and white are a delight to have in your yard or garden. Loose, humus rich soil in full sun to partial shade with proper watering will produce full Zinnia plants with lots of spectacular blooms. Do not forget to allow some of the fullest blooms to go to seed for planting next year! Dead head all but the very best flower heads and plant the saved seeds next year for your favorite color combination.